10 Essential Bartending Tools

If you’re a fan of entertaining your friends in your home, you’d know that cocktails bring out the fun in every evening. Crafting a proper cocktail however, needs the proper bar tools. There are a number of complete bartending tools you can buy online but you can also visit your local kitchenware store to purchase only what you really need. Equip yourself with the right utensils to make that martini perfectly shaken, and not stirred.


1. The Bar10der

A 10-in-one tool with pretty much everything you would need as an amateur bartender. It has all the essentials like a corkscrew, bottle opener, zester, mini grater, and even a collapsible bar spoon. Why would you need this? Because you can be your core’s bartender, anytime and anywhere!

2. Carter Stirrer

This stirrer is more than just a stick. It has a circular end to thoroughly mix whatever it is you want to throw in your drink.

3. Cocktail Shaker

The staple tool of any bartender, especially if you want your martini shaken, not stirred. The smaller cap covers a spout with a strainer to hold back the ice and other bits you’d want to avoid in your drink. This is a NEED if you want to perfect cocktails

4. Orb Cocktail Whisk

Fancier cocktails mean fancier tools. The small whisk at the end helps foam up drinks that need it.

5. Funnel

Bartending can be messy at times. Keep your liquor under control, especially after a few shots.

6. Jigger

This is pretty much the two sizes of metal shot glasses stuck end-to-end for measuring purposes. The larger end is about 2oz and the other end (the short shot of “pony”) is about 16oz.

7. Orb Stirrer

Without extra whisking appendages, this stirrer offers a more delicate touch to mixing.

8. Spring Strainer

Also called as Hawthorne’s Strainer, its spring was designed to fit into most glasses to keep the ice from slipping into ont container into another without messing with the shaker.

9. 6” Chef’s Knife

The Chef’s knife is the most versatile type of all its pointy breathen. It can cut the fruits of your sangria and peel the lemons for your vodka.

10. Pairing Knife

Tiny as it may be, it’s sharp asa sword and does smaller detail work like zesting or more delicate peeling if needed.


All products available at Crate&Barrel.

This story first appeared in CondoLiving Vol.10.4 2015, written by Sebb Borja and photographed by Ed Simon. Edits have been made for MyHomeDesign.ph.