3 Different Ways to Style this Designer Chair

So you bought an elegant designer chair but you don’t know where to place it in your home.

A blue Peacock designer chair by Cappellini can go a long way. It’s chic, well crafted and stylish. Here are ways on how you can make this chair a part of your home.


  1. Attractive in Analogous – Look no further for a seriously stylish designer chair. The chair’s strong silhouette of crumpled sheets of felt adds a sculptural element alongside a streamlined couch.



  1. Bold with Blue – Choose a bold color as the basis for focal pieces or details, like the lounge chair in a striking navy blue color that gives it emphasis against neutral shades.



  1. Fascinated with Color – Perk your mood up in a rainbow of upbeat
colors and combine different prints and design styles together. The touches of whimsy and craftsmanship will not just add personality to your space, but will also double as an anchor piece.



*This article has been revised for online reading. The original article appeared on the July 2014 issue of My Home Magazine. Get the e-mag version My Home Magazines on Magzter.