Moving Back Home? Here’s a Post-Renovation Checklist!

So you’ve made it through a home renovation, congratulations to you, your designer, and your contractor! The hard work and effort has finally paid off and you’re ready to move into your renovated home. But before you get too comfortable, here are 5 things you have to do after a home renovation.


1 Clean Up Real Good

After a home renovation, your house will be filled with dust and dirt. Make sure you allot at least one day of cleaning so you can enjoy the renewed home you now have. You can also hire a cleaning service to help you out.

2 Don’t Forget the Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Dust can be lurking everywhere in your home after a renovation, check high and low for dust. Wipe everything down surfaces with damp towel and wrap ceiling fans in

3 Vacuum Your Home

The vacuum cleaning is your best friend after a home renovation. Run your vacuum all upholstered furniture.

4 Inspect The Renovation

Make sure you get what you paid for. Have your contractor and designer walk you through the home and inspect thoroughly on the finishes and don’t be afraid to call out anything you’re not happy with.

5 Celebrate Your New Home

After all those weeks of planning, drilling, and completing your home, you deserve to throw a “welcome back home” party to celebrate the success of the renovation. Have an intimate thanksgiving party with your designer and contractors for a job well done.


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Written by Patricia Herbolario