5 Crystals You Need in Your Home and Where to Place Them


Many crystal enthusiasts can attest to the stones’ mystic wonders. Crystals and stones have a mysterious and magical effect. If you don’t take our word for it, just look at how one stone transforms Narda to Darna. While we do not recommend you swallow the crystals, they can still help in transforming your life but incorporating them into your house. However, just having them in your house is not enough, you need to strategically place them where they can work best. Here are seven lucky stones you should have and where to place them in your home.


Black Tourmaline

One of the best stones to use for protection from evil, the black tourmaline blocks all sorts of negative energy. Experts recommend that you place this in the corners of your home, so it can shield your and your family from harm. The lanai and the foyer is a nice spot for this dark crystal. It is believed that they also absorb the bad radiation from electronic devices so you can also place them in your entertainment room.

Black Tourmaline

Rose Quartz

The color owning 2017, Rose Quartz as a crystal can give you unconditional love and peace. This is the cupid of all stones, not just for romantic relationships but relationships in general. It helps keep your emotions in check and helps reduce stress and jealousy, best to place this crystal in your bedroom.

Rose Quartz


Stressed lately? The Amethyst is the perfect crystal for you. It rids your body of anxiety, stress, and all sorts of worries. Some experts share that it can heal migraines and headaches, making the bedroom a feasible spot for this stone. The Amethyst  helps create a peaceful atmosphere and is rumored to keep one away from addiction, drunkenness, and over intoxication, so you can also place this in the kitchen or the dining area of your home.



Citrine helps boost your leadership and creativity skills so best to place this crystal in your home office or your productivity space. It can help you make things happen, making it great if you’re aiming for some business and career goals. It attracts and maintain wealth, so it is also recommendable that you place this in your home vault or cash box.


Lapiz Lazuli

Communication is key with anything. This blue crystal with gold streaks can help you if you have a big talk or meeting coming up. The Lapiz Lazuli can help you iron out conflicts of all sorts. This is also great for the living room where you often entertain guests, it will make conversations and parties fun, light, free-flowing, and issue-free.



Written by Patricia Herbolario

Photos courtesy of soulmates.com, thewonderforest.com, energymuse.com, zgallerie.com, etsy.com


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