5 Things to Do During a Home Renovation

We all know that a renovation requires a lot of time and effort. Home renovations don’t come cheap, neither do they come easy. However, if you prepare for it the renovation should go as smoothly as possible. Here are things you should remember during a renovation.


1 Get Most of the Work Done Outside

During a renovation, if you have wood that needs to be cut or painted, ask if your contractor can do it at their workshop or recommend to do it outside of your home. This avoids dust and accidental paint blobs in your home.

2 Have an Electric fan facing an Open Window

One of the biggest problems in renovating is the excess of dust in your home. Get the dust out by pointing the electric fan out a window.

3 Clean Up Every Night

If you’re staying at your home or somewhere else during the renovation, make sure to clean up the mess in your home after each day. This minimizes the burden of getting rid of the dirt at the very last minute.

4 Talk to Your Contractor and Designer

During a renovation, it’s your right as the homeowner to know what’s happening with your house. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on what they’re adding or fixing in your home and why.

5 Spend More Time Outside of Your Home

While keeping an eye on the renovation is good but you should distance yourself every now and then. Having your kitchen remodeled? Consider having family meals in nearby restaurants or order takeout instead because preparing meals in your kitchen might not be the cleanest idea. Having the entire home re-done? Consider staying in an affordable hotel for convenience.


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This story first appeared in MyHome August 2016, written by Razel Estrella. Edits have been made by Patricia Herbolario for MyHomeDesign.ph.