8 New Year’s Resolutions So You Can Be A Better Homeowner

“New year, new me” seems to be the infamous caption for the past few days. We’re sure you’re making your own new year’s resolutions to make yourself better from who you were last year. While “go to the gym” and “eat healthy” are the top two items on everyone’s list, we made a list of seven New Year’s Resolutions to make you a better home owner.


1 Change your Bedsheets

Come on, we’re all guilty of leaving our sheets on our bed a little too long. Bed sheets need to be changed every two weeks so you can kick out any bedbugs and get a better night’s sleep.


2 Be More Eco-Friendly

Turn off lights and other appliances when not needed is a given, switch to LED Lights to save up on money and to lessen your carbon footprint. Don’t shower too long either! Also, opt for bathroom fixtures that have eco-friendly features such as a vortex flush toilet that uses less water and a aerator faucet that emits 50% less water. 


3 Replace your Plastics

If you’re stuck with plastic plates and bowls, you deserve an upgrade for surviving 2017. Handmade ceramics are all the rage right now, not only are they fabulous to look at, you also get to support the artisans who created it! This tip goes both for your dinnerware and the people you connect to.


4 Purchase Organic Cleaners

A lot of liquid and detergent cleaners are tough not only on germs but also on the environment. Opt for organic and or better yet, make your own from scratch!


5 Look for that Signature scent

If you haven’t found one yet, we decree it on top of your new year’s resolutions list to find the perfect scent for your home. You can opt for diffusers to air purifying lamps.


6 Say No To One Time Uses

Don’t be shy to bring around your own set of cutlery or straws during lunchtime. Plastic is sooo last year, ditch plastic cutlery  Tiffany & Co. has a reusable straw for the sophisticated ones.


7 Clean Your Bathroom

We know, we hate doing this too but someone has to get it done. As part of your New Year’s Resolutions to have a better home, allot time once a week to clean your bathroom.


8 Be More Respectful

If you’re a fan of tropical interiors and Asian-inspired houses, we hope that part of being your New Year’s Resolutions list is to be more sensitive to the type of decor you place in your home. Remember, Buddha ornaments are not decor.