9 Everyday Items that Double as Effective Cleaners

Save up on money and time by re-purposing items found inside the house into effective cleaners. These are 8 everyday items that can help you clean your home, especially if you forgot to pick up some cleaning supplies from the grocery. 

1 Chalk

To remove oily stains from fabric, rub the affected area with chalk, then wash with water. Repeat if necessary.

2 Vodka

While this might not be cheap and is better when consumed, put one part vodka and one part water in a spray bottle and spritz on couches, mattresses, and pillows to disinfect them.

3 Newspaper

Spritz a bit of water on newspaper and use it to clean dirty windows. You can also crumple them up and put them in rain-soaked shoes and bags.

4 Aluminum Foil

Line your toaster oven trays with foil to better conduct heat and save up on scrubbing your trays clean.

5 Toothpaste

Aside from cleaning your teeth, toothpaste can clean dirty shoes and jewelry. They’re also good for cleaning crayon marks on surfaces. Scrub the colored surface with toothpaste and toothbrush, then rinse.

6 Vegetable Oil

Nasty oil stains that have dried on kitchen countertops, walls, and other appliances can be scrubbed off with a paper towel dipped in vegetable oil. Wipe clean with a wet towel afterwards.

7 Rubbing Alcohol

Aside from being a must in your home’s first aid kit, you can also use alcohol to remove ink and nail polish stains.

8 Lemons

When life gives you lemons, use it to freshen wooden chopping boards and water-stained surfaces. Rub it on blemished spots and rinse with water after.

9 Packaging Tape

Crumbs and dust in the corners of your home can be hard to remove. Loop a strip of packaging or scotch tape with the sticky part facing out and pat on your home’s surfaces.


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This story first appeared in MyHome March 2016, written by Razel Estrella. Edits have been made for MyHomeDesign.ph.