Alex Medalla believes that we are people of purpose and this governs his design philosophy. “We should live out this purpose to the highest possible form allowed in context, persisting in the fine balance between pragmatism and theory, believing in Architecture that gives enhancement to life regardless of the forces affecting it and concluding that this is what matters”, he says. He looks up to architects and designers such as Richard Meir, Rem Koolhaas, ZahaHadid, Steven Holl and Frank Gehry.

Alex specializes in new modern and avantgarde designs and dreams of working on projects that are scupltural in nature, such as museums and galleries. For him, modernism will still flourish. He also believes that Koolhaas and Hadid will contribute a significant influence in design. “Contemporary architecture will always be there because of its commercial aspects and majority of designers would prefer it because of its easy interpretation”, he says. He advises homeowners to be more conscious of the environment and consider sustainable design in their decisions when building or renovating their spaces.

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