Alyssa is a graduate of the University of Sto. Tomas with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. A professional interior designer since 2006, she worked and trained in two (2) of the country’s top firms. Alyssa took up and earned her degree in Master of Design in Raffles Design Institute, Singapore, where, under the tutelage of her professors, she learned to push design concepts to the limits. Armed with her degree in Master of Design and her work experiences in the Philippines, she easily found work in Singapore as a senior designer.

Alyssa decided to come home and establish her roots as a designer here where her heart is. She co-founded Créatif Interiors as the principal interior designer. Through Créatif Interiors, Alyssa is coming up with dynamic design approaches and concepts for her projects. In her little way, Alyssa hopes to be able to push for some things she holds passion for such as professionalism in the industry and environment-conscious practices.

Alyssa finds time to share her knowledge as a lecturer at SoFA Design Institute. Not content to just design interior spaces, she co-founded Hermie Art, an arts and crafts boutique store which focuses on making quality hand painted crafts and children’s furniture.


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