Archipod Architects created by Dandy Bernardo and Lav Alverne is an action to finally set out their own design firm. Their wide and diversified experience in the corporate world was translated to have a culture of their own, a personal and informal approach with the corporate mindset through integration of relative methods and processes. They envision to change the way people view good design – that it is not just an aesthetic aspect but a way of improving a way of life. They believe that design is not an option and not only for the privileged.

Dandy Bernardo has 10 years collective experience in leading and managing different projects until construction. He’s also been immersed in an off-shore office in the Middle East.

Interiors: model houses, residential, commercial

Architecture: high-rise residential, institutional, mixed-use, off-shore

Lav Alverne has 10 years collective experience in designing and handling various projects. She’s currently taking up her Masters in Urban Design at UP Diliman. She also plans to share her experiences as a lecturer in an architectural school.

Interiors: corporate interiors, hospitality, retail

Architecture: high-rise residential, resort, mixed-use, off-shore

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