These Bad Habits Might Be Shortening Your Mattress’ Life!

Let’s face it, we’re married to our beds! We love coming home to it and we can’t seem to leave it in the morning. It’s the only refuge we have from our busy schedule, so do not take your bed for granted. Here are some bad habits that can shorten the life of your mattress –without you even knowing it!

1 Keping the Boxspring

A box spring serves as a cushion that absorbs the pressure that the mattress carries. It supports the mattress to prevent sagging and keep its ideal shape, to keep your body in good posture while sleeping.

Mattress Bedroom

2 Sitting on the Edge For An Extended Period of Time

The bed was made for sleeping and not sitting down for a reason. Managing the level surface of the mattress is paramount because it makes for a sounder and healthier sleep

Mattress Bedroom

3 Skipping the cleaning

Cleaning your bed goes beyond changing the sheets. Get the vacuum and give your mattress a run down to suck out bedbugs and dust mites. Running it with a vacuum once a month should be a habit to keep.Mattress Bedroom

4 Jumping on the Bed

While it is fun, mattresses can only take so much of a beating. This definitely shortens your mattress’ life. 

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5 Moisture

Sleeping with wet hair? This is a no-no for your mattresses, the moisture can damage the material and cause fungal build-up

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6 Sleeping with Fluffy

We all love our pets. However, as cute as it is, our pets can carry allergens and skin flakes can attract dust mites.

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