How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs and FINALLY Keep Them Out

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Aside from investing in a good bed and setting the right mood in your bedroom, there is one major problem that can turn your sleep into a nightmare: bed bugs. Bed bugs are as small as an apple seed and can easily live in any piece of furniture from your bed to your couch. If you’re getting random itchy bites on your body whenever you sit on a particular piece of furniture, chances are your furniture pieces are bed bugs’ homes. Here are ways you can remove the pesky bugs from your bed and everywhere else.


1 Clean Out Your Mattress

Scrub you mattress with a stiff brush to remove any possible bug eggs before vacuuming your bed. Make sure to vacuum the surrounding areas too, as bed bugs can easily jump from one piece of furniture to another. Make sure to vacuum around the edges and ridges of your mattress

2 Check Your Headboard Too

Bed bugs are smart creatures, they can hide anywhere in your home. Make sure to inspect other furniture pieces, walls, carpets, and even curtains for the tiny bugs. A huge percent of bed bugs will be within five feet of your bed.

3 Get a New Bed

If your bed is over-worn and the bugs have definitely taken over, consider disposing your bed and mattress, and get a new one. However, make sure to vacuum around your bedroom before you bring in the new bed.

4 Call for Professional Help

There are several bed cleaners you can contact online that can help you clean your bed. These pros will obviously know what to do if your bed is infected. They will have a lot of chemicals that will rid your bed of the bugs for good

5 Throw the Sheets in the Laundry

Have your sheets cleaned IMMEDIATELY. Make sure they are washed with the best germ killing soap and wash them in hot water to kill the bugs. To be sure, throw the pillow cases, curtains, and other linens in the wash too to avoid cross contamination.

6 Vinegar Spray

While it is not a permanent solution, mix one part vinegar with one part water and place in a spray bottle. Spray on the bug infested areas for a quick solution.


Written by Patricia Herbolario