What to Do With your Christmas Lights Now

With the season to be jolly over, don’t let your Christmas lights go to waste. Here are 5 ways to reuse and repurpose those lights the moment you strip them off your tree. Whether you’re planning to store them in the attic or want to repurpose them year-round-long, we’re sure that these tips will extend your investment on these “one-time” use decoration piece.


1 Store them With Hanger

Aside from organizing your wardrobe, you can wrap your Christmas lights along the skeleton of a hanger to avoid any tangles. Wrap the whole thing with tissue paper to avoid dust and moisture from getting in the cables and bulbs of the lights.


2 Wrap Around a Cardboard

Wrap your Christmas lights around a sturdy cardboard. Once the entire length is wrapped around the cardboard, wrap the whole thing with tissue paper too!


3 Zip-Lock Them

If you’re in a rush, you can also wrap your Christmas lights in the ever-so-useful Zip-Lock bag. While this is more prone to cable-tangle for your lights, it is the fastest way to store them. Add a dehumidifier to avoid any moister that can ruin the bulbs from functioning next year!


4 Hang them in Your Room

Turn your Christmas lights into fairy lights! Hang them up in your bedroom for diffused lighting and a very Tumblr-esque feel.


5 Decorate Your Tablescape

The next time you have guests over, ditch the candles and place your Christmas lights on the table for a whimsical dinner feast! However, remember to avoid liquid spills when you have them on your table!