Christmas Shopping Tips for People With Busy Schedules

With the Christmas creeping up faster than we all expect, Christmas shopping is definitely on everyone’s list. While it is a joy to shop for the people we love, the process of finding the perfect gift can be very tiring. Not to mention the inevitable Christmas traffic in Manila. Whether you’re a busy Millennial or a Tita pressed for shopping time, here are some tips to make Christmas shopping into a breeze. 

1 Make a List

While this one is a no-brainer, making a list makes Christmas shopping easier and organized. Sit down and think of everyone who made your life amazing this year, they deserve a little something for you to show that you care. Organize your list from the people you prioritize the most to, to your exchange gift person, to the people you want to give stocking stuffers to. Start from family, close friends, officemates, and work your way to acquaintances. 

2 Be Budget-Friendly

Always keep in mind on how much you want to spend this season. With Christmas parties and potlucks happening here and there, it’s easy to overspend. Keep a budget in mind per person on your Christmas list and an overall budget for the whole list, allocate the money wisely.

3 Be Thoughtful

Think about what gift to give that the other person won’t regift. Give something that you know the other person will appreciate and use. On your list, place the ideal gift you want to give to each person so you don’t have to run around the mall clueless. 

4 Don’t Forget Stocking Stuffers

We’ve all been there. Someone who is not n your list gives you a gift and you’re left with an awkward smile to give in return because you never thought they would give you something for the holidays. Purchase small gifts like chocolate bars, notepads, or fancy soap bars that you can easily give out.

5 Consider Customized Gifts 

Customized gifts are always nice, having your loved ones’ name on a notepad or passport holder will surely impress them. It shows that you actually thought your gift through. Word for the wise, have customized gifts made ahead of time, suppliers probably have a lot of things going on with the holiday rush and you don’t want to be stuck under the long waiting list. 

6 Go Hunting

The best part about Christmas shopping is that it’s all about hunting down the perfect Christmas present. Go to Christmas bazaars, or visit lifestyle and hobby shops for one-of-a-kind presents. 

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Header Image courtesy of Crate & Barrel