This Christmas Tree Trend is Perfect for Condo Dwellers!

Christmas season is almost here and that means it’s time to fill out homes with Christmas cheer. What better tradition to do this with than with a Christmas tree? With busy schedules and small spaces to live in, condo dwellers aren’t as blessed as house owners when it comes to this Christmas tradition.

Usually, condos don’t have enough space for a huge Christmas tree and even if you did get one, where to store that tree after the holiday season remains a mystery. Luckily, this Christmas trend is perfect for condo dwellers. Introducing: Washi Tape Christmas Trees!

All you have to do is pick up a roll of washi tape and create a Christmas tree form on your wall. It’s possibly the cheapest Christmas “tree” you can have in your condo. Also, removing and thinking about where to store it after the holidays shouldn’t be a problem. Here are ways you can incorporate this Christmas tree trend in your condo.


1 Monochrome Magic

Head to the craft store and pick up a roll of black and white washi tape. Create the Christmas tree shape on your wall for a minimalist and very Instagram feature in your condo. 


2 Stick to Silver

If you want to be extra, buy metallic washi tape for your washi tape Christmas tree.

christmas tree washi tape

3 Adorn it

Once you’ve placed a washi Christmas tree on your condo’s wall, you can add extra holiday cheer by adorning your wall further with felt pompoms or Christmas balls.

christmas tree washi tape

4 Go For Other Shapes

Aside from a Christmas tree, you can create other festive shapes like snowflakes or reindeer figures!

christmas tree washi tape

Written by Patricia Herbolario | Photos curated by Reann Erilla