A Condo Inspired by Olivia Pope, Designed by Cyndi Fernandez

Anyone who has watched Shonda Rhimes’ cult classic Scandal knows that Olivia Pope is one #GirlBoss. As a fixer and a lawyer, naturally her home will reflect her character as a strong professional and powerfully feminine figure but with a more personable and approachable feel.

Olivia Pope

The layout of Olivia’s condo is a balance of social and private spaces, a high priority for someone who enjoys relaxing after office hours, with company or alone. Designed by (another #GirlBoss) Cyndi Fernandez-Beltran, founder of Moss Manila Design House and Moss Manila Home, the unit’s color scheme anchors on the relaxing tones of blue and creams.


Olivia’s furniture pieces are very modern but have a classic silhouettes, reflective of Ms. Pope’s wardrobe of woman suits. The fireplace is a sizzling focal point shared by Olivia’s bedroom and living room. Unknown to guests, the fireplace is backed by a one-way mirror, which allows Olivia to see outside from her bedroom.

Olivia Pope

Her dining area displays her collection of wine. A étagère divides the dining and living area. She has comfortable setting pieces where she can lounge with a bowl of popcorn in front of her television.

Olivia Pope



This story first appeared in CondoLiving Vol.10.3 2015. Edits have been made for MyHomeDesign.ph.