Cheap Chic: How to Give Your Couch More Personality

Whether you live in a condo or a house, every home is bound to have a couch. It’s one of the key pieces in your living area. It’s where you entertain your guests and where you enjoy movie nights with your family. Being a major piece of furniture, you need to invest in your sofa. Be it a sofa bed or an ancestral solehiya 3-seater, you can give that simple couch a face lift with these four accessories.


1/ Throw Blanket

To give your sofa a feeling of warmth and coziness, throw on a throw blanket. There are multiple blankets in the market, with varying colors, textures, and styles. Choosing one depends on what look you want to achieve in your living room.


2/ Throw Pillows

These are a must in sofas, especially upholstered ones. If you purchased a plain sofa, adding throw pillows with prints and patterns are an easy way to give the sofa some personality. Extra points if your throw pillows compliment  your blanket!

couch sofa

3/ Lamp

Adding a lamp near your couch is very functional. Aside from additional lighting, It lets you have a reading nook in one corner of the couch.

couch sofa

4/ Table

Be it a side table or a coffee table, adding a table next to your sofa is a must. It’s an additional surface your guests can put their stuff on when they visit. If you’re a fan of serving drinks in your home, be it coffee or cocktails, a surface can spare your couch from being stained. A table also means another surface to style.

couch sofa

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Written by Patricia Herbolario