Tour Inside This Young Couple’s Cozy Country Home

Young couple Gene and Marmie Maaghop’s decided to purchase a house in the south to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As the first step to establishing their growing family, the couple wanted a farm style country home that reflects them moving away from city living.

The couple didn’t initially have an idea until they tapped design consultants Paul Baes and Joel Salazar to furnish the home’s interiors. The result is a country style home that looks like it’s a page off a Pottery Barn catalog.


Living Room

country home

Owning a furniture store makes it easier to source and match furniture, according to design consultants Paul Baes and Joel Salazar. “Some of the pieces here are from our store Lucina Home, from the big pieces like the vintage suitcase table to little trinkets and custom draperies,” says Paul.


Dining Room

country home

For a country home look, wooden elements are showed in different styles and textures. A mix of different style chairs also give the dining area personality. The dining area is awash in patterned planks on the floor and ceiling. There’s even a barn door that leads to the man of house’s mancave.



country home

The combination of cool grays, warm browns, and neutral creams gives the kitchen a more feminine touch. Elements like hardwood floors, a farmhouse-style island table, and wooden stools complete the country home look


Master’s Bedroom

country home

Large windows, heavy draperies, and tufted pieces give the master bedroom an airy but regal atmosphere.


Son’s Bedroom

country home

Their two-year-old son’s room is decked with similar elements of gray and neutral, but with additional details like the patterned bedding and wall decor to give it a more youthful vibe