Must-See: Cristine Reyes’ Renovated Dream Home

How do you merge a famous actress’ chic taste with an MMA fighter’s rustic sensibilities? Let this married couple show you how. Cristine Reyes and Ali Khatibi’s 3-storey home is a perfect fusion of chic and rustic. With Jen Sohu of Sohu Designs taking lead of the home’s interior, scroll on to find out what’s inside the famous actress’ first home with her family.

1. A Lanai turned Game Room

Across the living room, the lanai was turned into a game room for Ali and his friends. Cristine shares that if they remove the center table, move the chairs to the side, and place a mat in the middle, it doubles as their two-year-old daughter’s playroom.

Cristine Reyes


2. A Hush Living Room

Upon entry, one can notice Cristine’s pristine taste with design. The house plays with a lot of pastel tones and classic furniture pieces for a modern country home look. In the living room, a Kenneth Cobunpue’s Fandango Hanging Lamp takes centerstage.

Cristine Reyes


3.  Mixed-but-matched chairs

In the dining area, Cristine, Aki, and the designer wanted guests to have a hard time choosing the best chair. They selected a bench and 6 accent chairs in the dining room to give the elegant space a playful personality.

Cristine Reyes


4. A Stairwell of Memories

Initially something Ali and the design firm disapproved of, Cristine added picture frames with photos of family memories along the home’s stairwell. The actress dubs this as her favorite part in the home because it makes the space more personal and it tells her family’s story.

Cristine Reyes

5. Restful Retreats

In the bedroom, the married couple can retreat into a peaceful space that looks like it was straight from a Pottery Barn catalog.

Cristine Reyes

6. A Rustic Mantuary for Ali

Cristine’s husband gets his own corner in the home. The entertainment room is layered with brown bricks and warm woods, the space has a rustic and industrial look.

Cristine Reyes

7. The Walk-in Closet

The couple’s collection of shoes enjoys its very own space at the top bunk of the three-storey home.

Cristine Reyes

This story first appeared in MyHome Febuary 2017, written by Gel Galang, photographed by Mark Jacob. Edits have been made for