In every plan, there is a beginning and an end. For Czarina Allanigue, that simple statement applies to her design philosophy. “The key to great interior design starts with an excellent layout. Focus on function and comfort without sacrificing the drama and excitement in details, and always keep the end in mind”, she shares. Czarina believes that every design is possible, that whatever her mind can conceive, she can achieve.

Though she specializes in designing residential and condominium units, Czarina’s dream project is to design and build a Christian cathedral with a modern Filipino concept. “The location will be in Tagaytay, overlooking Taal Lake”, she muses. “It will highlight the use of glass, indigenous and green materials. This will surely create serenity.”

Czarina reveals that her style is influenced by Lor Calma’s modern approach to design, which features clean lines, tailored furniture and the intelligent application of indigenous materials. She also finds inspiration from Opat Hermano’s elegance and glamour as well as Jie Pambid’s use of balance and texture.

When designing spaces, Czarina stresses the importance of knowing what you wany – the concept, your budget, and the people you want to work with. “The concept will be the guide in attaining the look and ambiance of the project. A budget is a must – it will be healthy to be open about this so that designers don’t go overboard. People you work with will be the interior designers, architects, engineers and contractors. It’s very important that they connect well. When you have the right team, trust them, because they will turn your dream into reality”, she finishes.

Czarina is a member of Philippine Institute of Interior Design (PIID).

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