DIY Styling: 6 Ways to Decorate That Blank Wall in Your House

Decorating walls with artwork, photos, mementos and other collectibles is a quick way of updating the look of a room and adding much needed personality and character. However, houses with interesting picture walls don’t just happen. Here are 6 easy decorating steps for that blank wall in your living room, dining, or bedroom!


1 Start with an outline

Have some masking tape ready and trace your pieces on old newspapers. Cut them out to give you an idea of their size, and then stick them to your wall until you have an arrangement that you’re happy with. This is advisable so you won’t end up with walls full of holes in the event you make a mistake.

2 Decorating with a formula

Pieces should be hung at eye level. Take note that the center of the piece should be at eye level, and not the top of the frame. Measure horizontally and vertically, divide into two, and you should be able to find the center of your piece.

3 Decide on an arrangement

Symmetric grids are always easiest, but if you have an odd number of pieces you want to hang, you might be better off with a less formal grouping. For multiple pieces, start with largest pieces at the center and work smaller ones in relation to it.

4 Keep to a theme

When you decorate your wall, it is important that you let each piece shine while making them work as a whole. You can go by color, shape, or kind of frame, type of item, or the design of what you want to hang.

5 Have the right tools

There are many options available when it comes to hanging things aside from the usual nail and screw. Consider using wire, ribbons, and strings of light, and pair them with shower hooks, curtain clips, binder clips, or even clothespins.

6 Work with what you want

While it pays to invest in art, decorating with affordable yet beautiful options from flea markets, secondhand stalls, department stores, or even rummage through your belongings for things you can frame. Take more photos, save mementos, and pages from old books. The possibilities are endless.


This story first appeared in MyHome July 2017, written by Hazel Santos. Edits have been made for