What Your Dining Table Says About Your Personality

While there is no formula on which dining table you should have, it usually boils down to which one fits your space and one that fits in terms of utility. Aside from look, the shape of your dining table says a lot about you.  Here are five dining tables types and what they say about your personality.



Dining Table Personality

Perfect and ideal for small spaces like condos, people who have square dining tables have a tight knit circle of friends. They only have a handful of people they truly trust, and it’s these people that have the privilege of entering their homes.



Dining Table Personality

You are very traditional and you value heritage. Chances are, the head of the family is still the one sitting at the very top of the table during dinner time and the thought of having someone else up there makes you cringe. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re stiff and boring. On the contrary, you also enjoy entertaining guests at home but you put your closest family first on the guest list.



Dining Table Personality

A round dining table means you value relationships a lot. You love everyone equally and enjoy talking to everyone in a gathering, as a round dining table allows you to easily interact with everyone on the table. A round table is also perfect for small spaces.


Lazy Susan

Parisian Home Manila Dining Table Personality

If your dining table has a Lazy Susan on it, you’re probably the entertaining master within your circle of friends. You love cooking and entertaining guests in you home, and you think that every little thing should be celebrated with a big feast. People love coming over to your home because you throw unforgettable parties.


Breakfast Bar

Industrial Condo Rock Robins

While it’s more of a dining area than a table, people who loving dining on a breakfast bar are usually on the go. They appreciate a good meal but have close to zero time to have a full meal. People who dine on a breakfast bar have go-getter personalities and love to multitask. If you see them munching with a spoon of cereal on one hand, the other will have a phone or a newspaper so they can update themselves with what’s happening in the world.