DIY Christmas Decor: Festive Garland

Creating a Christmas holiday scene at home doesn’t have to be strikingly extravagant. Why splurge so much on traditional decor when you can match your home’s aesthetic with Christmas decor that you can make on your own or with kids! Time to get craftsy and festive creative christmas cheer to your rather plain nook with this DIY Christmas garland!

DIY Christmas Decor

What’ll you need:

-Poster board
-Sticker tape
-Old magazine pages/fabric/glitter paper or other materials preferred

DIY Christmas Decor


1 Choose a Christmas icon that you would want as a pattern.

2 Pick the main material to use for Christmas garland like old magazine pages, fabric, glitter paper, brown recycled paper, and so on.

3 Trace the pattern out and start cuttin.  Cut as much as you need to fill the area you wanted to decorate. You can get playful with it and cut on different sizes and colors if desired.

4 Glue the cutouts on a poster board if your material isn’t thick enough to support itself.

5 Use double sided tape to put the cutouts on the yarn.

6 You can hang it vertically, horizontally, or hang it in multiple layers! If you ever have two different designs, you can put it alternately together.