This DIY Christmas Wreath is Perfect For Artsy Millennials

With a few days left, we bet your home is already decked with Christmas spirit. Your tree’s probably dressed up and your parol hanging proudly, it’s never too late to add a little bit more. Christmas wreaths are traditionally hung on the main door. Instead of buying a pre-made wreath from the store, give your home a festive and personal touch by creating your own Christmas wreath.

Pay homage to Pantone’s Color of 2017 with this fresh and minimalist green wreath that you can make on your own!

What You Need:

-embroidery hoop (available in sewing and craft stores)

-foliage (either fresh from your garden or from the florist)

-tape (more points for you if you get festive washi tape or florist tape)

-yarn (any color will do)


How To Do It:

1. Arrange

View the foliage you’ll be using for your wreath, check each size so you know what you’ll be working with.

2. Lay It Out

Lay out the greens in the shape you want the wreath to be before sticking them permanently together. This keeps you from redoing the wreath again and again.

3. Big to Small

Start with the largest branch and tape in on the embroidery hoop, position it wherever you want on the hoop. Incorporate the smaller ones from there.


4. Add More or Less

Continue adding foliage on your hoop until you are satisfied with how much is covered.

5. Personalize

Once you’re happy with the wreath, you can also add some flowers and other decors if you want.

6. Hang it Up!

Using piece of yarn, tie it around the top of your wreath’s hoop and and hang it somewhere special!