Edgar “Ed” Natividad is driven by countless factors when designing – existing contextual conditions, clients’ needs and expectations, a good landscape program, and budget. However, he makes sure that he gives rein to his passions, experiences and interpretations to create beauty and functionality. With more than fifteen years of design experience, he performs community development, streetscape schemes and commercial and open space landscapes.

Ed understands that the best is always simple and this belief is projected onto the canvas of his preferred modern minimalist themes. “Though each client offers a unique set of personalities, tastes and limitations, I have learned to pursue simplicity in design”, he says.

When building or renovating a home, Ed recommends understanding the situation first by doing informal surveys of the intended finished product. He say that it also helps to ask for ideas before pushing through with the project. “Engaging the professional services of a landscape architect is an important and fundamental decision that sustains your garden’s design. It is the professionals’ job to interpret your ideas and make them real, so don’t hesitate to hire one”, he finishes.

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