How to Get a Home Inspired by Famous Artists

Inspired by four renowned artists, you too can give your space an artistic feel minus the canvas. Let’s admit it, we adore works from Banksy, Frida Kahlo, Piet Mondrian, and Andy Warhol BUT we can’t afford their works in real life. So instead of printing out their work, framing it, and placing it on your wall, give your home an art renovation. We’ve listed down ways how you can give your home an edge like Banksy’s art, or a home with Frida Kahlo’s tropical loving aesthetic, Piet Mondrian’s sharp and minimal look, and Andy Warhol’s quirky taste.



Possibly one of the most intriguing street artists today, Banksy’s works don’t hang in the Louvre or some exclusive New York gallery but rather in public places. Banksy’s subversive vandals, satirical graffiti, and dark humor famed him as a cultural icon in the art scene. His or her (we are yet to know) ware is mostly defined by a monochromatic palette and a red splash of spray paint to highlight his jeers. Get this look in your home by anchoring your space with black and white and then accentuating with red accessories. It’s a perfect look for an edgy mancave.




Frida Kahlo

Feminist icon, the perfect phrase to describe Frida Kahlo. Dubbed as one of Mexico’s most popular artists, Frida’s works depict graphic portraits and paintings with flairs of surrealism. To translate Frida’s style in your home, fill your room with tropical and wooden elements as her artworks often depicted flora and fauna. This is great for a tropical and feminine home.




Piet Mondrian

Widely known for abstraction, Piet Mondrian played with rectangular patterns in three primary colors in solid black outlines. He proved that there are so much variations that could be created using just these basic colors and patterns. Accentuate your living space with Mondrian style art by interlacing line lines with pieces in yellow, red, blue, or black. Your home will look like a modern art gallery in the Upper East side.




Andy Warhol

Headling the Pop Art movement in the 1960s, Andy Warhol was an ad and magazine illustrator until he popularized painting included towards mass-produced commercial goods. Spice up your space with neon pink and bright yellow for an artsy and poppish feel.




This story first appeared on CondoLiving July 2017. Originally written by Janina H. Bautista. Edits were made for