GET THE LOOK: Travel Destinations in Your Home!

Traveling is refreshing to the senses. Trips to different places give one a chance to immerse in the novel traditions and cultures of different kinds. We’ve collected three international design styles you might want to incorporate in your space!




English Country

This design style plays around the historic looks of vintage pieces, floral pieces, stripped plaids, and rustic finishes reign supreme here. To keep your home from looking dated, infuse with snug touches of modern accessories. Mix it with embroidered rugs to achieve the regality and eccentricity of this style.





Japanese interior design draws inspiration from the smooth flow between natural elements. Spaces in Japanese design are minimal and uncluttered, making it perfect for condo living where space is often limited. Use bare furnishings in wood and neutral tones to pull of this look in your home.




The vibrant colors and rich history of Middle Eastern cultures enact the Moroccan interior design style. It is closely related to Moorish architecture that uses repeated patterns and color motifs. To score this style, incorporate bright and geometrical rugs in your space. Bring in wooden furniture and tables, and accentuate it with ethnic-patterned sofas and cushions in red or orange hues.


This story first appeared in CondoLiving August 2017, written by Janina Bautista. Edits have been made for