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google office

When you have your own culture named after you, there’s an expectation of a fun workplace where all that creativity can thrive. Google Philippines delivers this with its new office, where you get an immediate assault to the Filipino senses before you’re even welcomed in with a smile. Technically, this is already Google Philippines’ third office since it established its headquarters in the Philippines. Compared to the first two, which had restricted the construction and design’s sensibilities, this new office had allowed them to go beyond borders, sometimes quite literally, so they can achieve the environment that they truly want to promote. Here’s a tour on what GooglePH HQ!



Every element in the lobby alone triggers a sense of Filipino pride—there’s actually an office like this in the Philippines!—and taps at your creative self, sleeping or otherwise. This is the same emotion that Google wants to evoke among its Googlers, says Gail Tan, country communications manager at Google.

google office


Kenneth Cobonpue chairs EVERYWHERE

The Google team wanted to showcase Filipino design in their HQ and what better way than to add Filipino furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue’s works in the mix? The bright colors of Kenneth’s pieces embody the colorful aesthetic Google was going for.

Kenneth Cobonpue



If lunch time usually signals employees evacuating their offices to eat out, usually Googlers eat in. And no, it’s not because of their baons—it’s all thanks to the good food that their resident chefs have prepared. For free. The pantry’s design also boasts of Filipino jokes such as Tom Jones, The More The Manyer, and more, it is a great way to start a conversation between new officemates and expats.

google office

The pantry is decked in Triboa Bay chairs



Get transported in different known areas in the Philippines, like the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, when you attend their meetings. All of the meeting rooms are inspired and boasts of Filipino destinations for that touch of locality.

Google office



There’s even a science to the way they present the food. Gail says they want to promote healthy living among in the office culture. It’s an old psychological trick of illusion and effort. Google’s snack wall puts all of the healthy snacks—nuts, dried fruits, oats—at eye level, while all the chips are hidden from sight or out of reach. They also have a game area with a ping-pong table, board games, and a basket ball hoop.

google office


This story first appeared on MyHome Magazine March 2017, originally written by Gel Galang and photographed by Mark Jacob. Edits were made for


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