6 Reasons Why We Need Green Landscapes in Urban Living

Manila’s pace has picked up in the last 10 years. A decade of constant development, increase in population, and shifting lifestyles, urban living has fuelled a very toxic and stressful environment to live in. You will now see constant marketing of communities offering house & lots or condo units with a range of amenities, with pools, parks, and green landscapes.

Greenery and landscapes have far-reaching effects in the psyche of people.

With urban living taking over, here are some reasons why you should consider adding some greens to your home:

1 Plants make the air in a room feel lighter

Greens release oxygen and absorb particular toxic elements in the air. Placing a plant can improve air circulation in a stuffy or enclosed room, like small condos in urban spaces.   These greens also protect us from various pollutants that can affect our health.

Green Urban Living

2 Greens Are Visually Meditative

Urban living means a high exposure to gadgets, greens can refresh tired eyes. The delicate textures, patterns and shapes of vegetation seem to ‘massage’ the eyes especially after a long and stressful day.

3 Higher Property Value

Selling or leasing out a property? Landscapes can bring up the market value of home. A great outdoor design shows that a property is well-maintained and that its space allocations are well-thought of. The same goes to urban-based condos that bank on green living.

4 Relaxed Living

People tend to be more relaxed in a beautiful outdoor environment. Apply this in your home by making bigger windows that look out into a garden. If space is limited or you live in a condo, bring in potted plants to achieve an “inside-out” feel.


5 Added Privacy

Greens can help make a home more private. Aside from gates and high walls, plants can help enclose a house from the peeping eyes of thieves.

6 Better Relationships

Greens in the living room and entertainment areas make for happier gatherings and better relationships because people tend to be more open and warm when surrounded by nature.


This story first appeared in MyHome April 2017, written by Abbygail Marie Abiol. Edits have been made for MyHomeDesign.ph.