How To Make Your Guest Room Feel Like A Hotel Room

If you have a big home, make sure that you have space for a guest room. This space will come in very handy if you have relatives coming in from abroad to whom you want to extend your home to, or like entertaining at home and have guests who have to crash for the night. Whether they’re staying overnight or for a couple of days, here are seven ways to make your guests feel like they’re checking in a hotel room when you have them over in your guest room.

1 Put on Fresh Linens

This is a must. Fresh linens are a non-negotiable if you want to give your guests a five-star stay. Remember to wash the linens once your guests leave, and replace new ones for your next guest.

2 Storage Space

Make sure your provide guests with space for their suitcase and bag. Alos give them a place to hang their clothes on, like a cabinet or a coat hanger. Don’t forget to provide a side table with a drawer for their valuables.

Guest hotel Room

3 Some Snacks

If you’re comfortable with it, leave some crackers or a packet of peanuts in the room. This is so they don’t have to sneak into your kitchen for a little midnight snack. You should also leave a bottle of water or two just in case they get thirsty.

4 Add a chair

Give them a space to sit on aside from the bed. You wouldn’t want your guest to use the bed as a chair as this may lead to your bed having uneven humps. Provide an accent chair on one corner or even a small study or vanity desk with a chair or stool.

Guest hotel Room

5 Provide towels

This goes without saying but you need to give your guests fresh towels. While some guests bring their own, always go the extra mile and offer anyway. The same rule with linens apply, have the towels washed ASAP.

6 Provide Toiletries

If you shamelessly steal those mini shampoo bottles from hotel rooms, this is the right time to reuse them. Leave it by your guest’s bedside table or simply leave it in the guest bathroom. You can also purchase liquid soaps and shampoos in pumps and leave it in the guest bath for guests to use.

Guest hotel Room

7 Entertaining Materials

Put a TV, a book, or some magazines to keep guests entertained. Giving the house Wi-Fi password is also a must.


Written by Patricia Herbolario