Five Local Designers on What Home Piece You Should Invest In

A house is an investment on its own, so deciding which pieces to adorn your house with should be well-thought of. Make sure that those pieces make you smile, and helps turn your house into a home. It’s never about the price, but sometimes the more premium a piece is the better the quality; and the best quality is what we all deserve. Five designers, from furniture to interiors, weigh on on which home pieces you should really invest in.


Ito Kish: Sofa

The sofa is an important piece of furniture that brings family and friends together.

couch sofa

Known as one of the most use pieces in any house, Ito Kish cites the sofa as an investment piece. Aside from bringing people together, the furniture designer shares that the sofa can double as an emergency bed when you have guests that suddenly have to crash.


Ivy and Cynthia Almario: Bed

There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep

Mattress Bedroom

Known in the industry as the Almario Sisters, Ivy and Cynthia both agree that homeowners should invest in the best mattress they can afford. They also encourage investing in the best bedsheets and beddings because “these are the most visible expression of a seven-star ambiance. They truly make every bedroom a haven,” they explain.


Rock Robins: Good Lighting

When chosen properly, lighting fixtures can make a bold, luxurious statement

Cristine Reyes

For this interior designer, decorative lighting fixtures complete the look of any interior. Rock shares that chandeliers, drop lights, to floor and table lamps have a way to anchor a space. Aside from style, lighting fixtures are also functional.


Wilmer Lopez: Armchair

Aside from a well-design and durable bed, Wilmer Lopez recommends investing in a unique armchair.

“Whether it’s for lounging, relaxing, and or reading one’s favorite book, a good armchair is a perfect companion piece. It also adds character and life to any space.”


Chat Fores: Artwork

You have to love the piece that you’ll be purchasing, it’s a bonus if it looks great on your wall.


Known for her eclectic personality and equally fun take on design, Chat Fores recommends investing in artworks. She shares that artworks can help set the mood in any space, and recommends going to galleries, art fairs, and exhibits for interesting pieces from budding artists to known names.


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