Horacio “Ace” Dimanlig looks up to National Artist I.P. Santos, one of the pioneers of Landscape Architecture in the country. “He put direction in my career path-to pursue landscape architecture as a profession”, Ace shares. As a result, Ace also went into the academe to share his passion for the profession with others aside from practicing design.

Guided by his philosophy of “design with nature, design for people”, his work is characterized by creative yet practical design solutions that mirror the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. “Each landscape design must satisfy the needs of the client for outdoor living and harmonize with nature and architecture”, he states.

“Landscaping is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted”, Ace says, noting that people tend to disregard the importance and benefits of landscape design. “It is something not to be left just to anyone. Seek professional advice because a well-designed garden will not only aesthetically complement a house, but contribute to a family’s well being and add joy to home life”, he finishes.

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