This House was Inspired by Algebra and Geometry

Most houses are inspired by their owners, this house’s design was inspired by everyone’s least favorite subject in school. “I was inspired by Boolean Algebra, given form by Constructive Solid Geometry,” explains Carlo Calma. The house is very square and geometric. Squares inside squares, the Carlo would point out. Inside, the house is orderly with everything in its place, rooms are cunningly woven within an intriguing series of pathways. Each room is like a condo unit where the occupants can enjoy their privacy but there are common areas where the tenants of the house can meet in the middle.



An art installation made of hollow steel girders called “Exploding Sticks” greet guests. The wooden doors provide some sort of warmth against the cool exterior of the house.

House Design

Living Room

The living room is light and airy with a modern palette of black, white, and accents of warm wood.

House Design

Dining Room

The grand staircase, kitchen, and dining area seamlessly flows into each other, reflecting Carlo Calma’s concept of accessibility between rooms. The red leather dining chairs adds a pop of color to the space.

House Design


The house was designed in such a way that the pool is located at the center of the house. It gives the cold and stiff interior have a form of fluidity (literally) in the middle of it.

House Design

It’s all about stacked boxes within boxes and the efficient use of space for storage and accessibility between one room and the next,” explains Carlo.


The rooms are like self-sustained condo lofts, reflecting the personal taste of their occupants. This explains the many staircases in the house. The spiral staircase leads to the master bedroom.

House DesignMaster Bedroom

A minimalist getaway, the bedroom embraces clean and sharp lines.

Home Design


Geometric shapes give character to the overall interior of the house. Loft-type bedrooms give each user privacy, but communal areas ties the house together as a whole.

Home Design

This story first appeared on MyHome May 2016 by Julian Vorpal, photos by Ed Simon. Edits were made for