9 Ways to Cleanse and Re-energize Your Crystals

So you’ve obtained crystals for your home and they work wonders for you. With all the positivity they have given you, it’s time to give back and take care of them. Crystals, being the magical things that they are, also weaken in time so it is important to cleanse and re-energize them. Here are ways to Cleanse and Re-Energize Your Crystals.

1. Running Water

While you can literally cleanse your crystals with running water from the tap, running them through a fresh pond or lake will be better because of the natural minerals in the unprocessed water.

2. Dry Salt

Get some coarse sea salt and leave your crystals in for 24 hours. To cleanse and re-energize your stones even better, consider cleansing during the night of a full moon. Experts claim that cleansing crystals during a full moon has an added effect to your crystal.


3. Rice

Place your stone on top of the rice, any type is fine, and leave it overnight. Again, ideally during a full moon. Since the rice will be absorbing the negative energy, don’t forget to throw out the used rice right after.

4. Sunshine

Give your crystals a day under the sun. Leaving your crystals under direct sunlight for an hour should do, prolonged exposure will lead to your stone’s discoloration.

5. Moonlight

If you have a crystal that is delicate and has sentimental value, leaving them under the moonlight has the same effect as leaving them under the sunlight without the risk of discoloration. This is because the moonlight has a lighter effect than sunlight, this also means that you need to leave the crystal under the moonlight longer. Leaving it overnight while you sleep is ideal.

6. Soil

When there’s a full moon, dig a hole in your backyard and bury your crystals in. Returning them to the earth will cleanse and re-energize them. Leave them there overnight and pull them out the next morning


7. Smudging

Those extra herbs in your pantry can also help in cleansing your crystals. Rub your stone with lavender, cedar, rosemary, and sage (these are the three best and well-known smudging herbs). Note that you need fresh herbs, not the ones you can get in a bottle from the grocery store. Pick up a ceramic bowl that can withstand heat, burn your herbs,and let the smoke cleanse out your crystals. You can also try this with incense sticks.

8. Rainwater

Thunderstorm coming up? Leave your crystals in a plate and let the rain wash cleanse out and re-energize your crystal.

9. Sea Water

Bring your crystals to your next beach outing and give them a dip in the sea water. Put them in a mesh pouch so you don’t loose them in the sea.


Written by Patricia Herbolario | Photos courtesy of urbanoutfitters.com