How to Incorporate Greenery in your Home

According to the world-renowned color institute, Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that reflects nature when it renews itself come springtime. It’s a color that encourages positivity, revival, and renewal despite the curve balls life throws at us. However, we all can admit that it is a very tricky color to work with. Here are three fool-proof ways to incorporate this refreshing color into your space that will make all of your neighbors green with envy.



With Black and White

The easiest way to infuse Greenery into your space is by using it as an accent color against a monochromatic palette. The green will surely pop out against the blacks, whites, and greys. Despite being a very modern palette, we are telling you now that this color combo is here to stay.


With Navy

We are in love with this unexpected color combination. There’s something harmonious with the contrast of Greenery’s lively hue with navy’s depth. It’s a sophisticated pairing that would make any space look classy and fashionable. Are we the only ones considering repainting our walls right now?


With Brown

Pantone shares that Greenery is nature’s neutral, something we see less of with the growth of metropolitan cities all around the world.  Bring nature back into your home by matching it with its original pair: brown. Sure, the threat of making your space look like it’s a tree is there but it’s a refreshing pair perfect for your living room and entertainment areas.


This story first appeared in MyHome March 2017. Edits were made for