5 Stories Inside MyHome magazine’s August 2017 issue

This August, MyHome magazine focuses on the most intimate and most relaxing parts of the home: the bedroom and the bathroom. In their annual Bed & Bath issue, MyHome magazine features stylish sanctuaries for your house and how to take care of those areas. Read on to know what to expect in their latest issue!


5 Beautiful Local Homes

Ranging from cozy and warm to modern and edgy, MyHome’s August issue has five beautiful homes owned by different types of families. From a young family who left the city for a more peaceful life in a nearby developing province to a family based in Canada who now lives in a condo in the heart of Manila, each space is a display of a personal escape and a place where the family can rest and bond.

myhome magazine

Have your guests over in a space that makes them feel at home



Bathroom 101

Interior designer Elvie Enriquez talks about functional bathrooms, bathrooms on a budget, the importance of plumbing, and more maintenance tricks that homeowners should know about in their bathrooms.

BetteLux Shape

The BetteLux Shape is minimalism at its finest


Bedroom Maintenance Tips

You deserve a space where you can relax and recharge in after a busy day. Inside the Bed & Bath special is everything you need to know about beds, from sizes, to bed frames, to mattress types, to how to properly make a bed. The issue also features the MyHome team’s top picks for beds, mattresses, and even side tables!

myhome magazine

Know what bed to buy and how to take care of it!


Dine in Style and Class

Be a master host and be a polite guest. MyHome has a complete product guide for when you want to have a romantic breakfast in bed or a fun brunch with the amigas. Also in this issue is a simple etiquette guide because manners will never go out of style!

myhome magazine

Anla Li-Tan takes on this mini townhouse and gives it a lot of style


A Renovated Home Turned Restaurant

Owned and managed by renowned Chef Sau Del Rosario, 25 Seeds is worth a trip up to Pampaganga. In MyHome’s latest issue, get to know the inspiration of the menu and the rich history behind its location.

25 seeds

25 Seeds must-try? The Salted Egg Yolk Chicken!


Japanese at its Finest

Get to know more about Hamaru, a Japanese restaurant hidden behind a food park in Quezon City. The interiors instantly brings you to Japan and the food is simply remarkable.



Take a step inside Japan with Hamaru

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