“Interior design is for everybody”, says Jie Pambid. “There was a time that it was a luxury-now I believe that it’s a necessity. For everyone who wants function and aesthetics rolled into one, interior design will be a wise investment.” Leaving medical school to pursue his passion for design, Jie has become one of the most sought after interior designers today. As a member of the academe, he finds inspiration from his students. “I think the youth hold immense design potential and collaborating with them for sixteen years has made me the designer that I am today”, he shares.

His work is also largely influenced by his love for the Philippines. “I love everything about our country-our colors, the cultural diversity, our dances, weaves, crafts&hellip”, he adds. “I am an advocate of Filipino design and I try to include that in practically everything that I do. I love working with natural materials and I believe Filipino design has just the right amount of those thrown in the mix. Given the right exposure and execution, Filipino design has a place in the global scheme of things.”

Jie specializes in residential interiors, creating spaces that exude a comfortable yet sophisticated ambiance. “I love designing homes, not houses. I believe that a good home environment is one that people will love coming home to, a place they will be reluctant to leave”, he reveals. For this year, Jie would like natural materials to take center stage. “I think that going back to the basics makes good design sense. I’d like to see Filipino furniture design that elevates indigenous materials and local palettes to greater heights”, he offers.

As to what advice he would give those who want to enhance their spaces, Jie says, “Your house deserves the touch of people who know what they’re doing. Invest in good architects, engineers and interior designers. In the long run, you will get a home that is well-built, well-designed, safe and everything you’ve dreamed of.”

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