Inside a Chill Condo Designed for Jughead Jones


Jughead Jones, a.k.a. Forsythe Pendleton Jones III, is Archie Andrew’s best pal in the Archie Comics series/the hit show Riverdale. If you’re a fan of the classic Jughead or the Cole Sprouse  version, this condo will surely wow you. This condo (all photos are 3D renders) is designed by interior designer Uzel Alconera for Jughead Jones.

Jughead Jones Condo

Since Jughead owns a sheepdog (Hotdog) and likes to eat while watching TV, a retro sofa with water and stain proof fabric is used for his living room. A tin lunchbox inspired coffee table is his dining area where can enjoy his burgers and pizza. He can also remove the lid cover and keep a stash of soda cans and chips inside.

Jughead Jones Condo

A TV console divides the living and bed areas, and can be rotated depending on where Jughead wants to watch from. Serenity is used as the main color of Jughead’s bedroom.

Jughead Jones Condo

Based on Jughead’s character, the condo is designed as laid back as possible. The open floor plan has a dynamic color scheme, with hints of bold black and white vintage comic accents.

Jughead Jones Condo

A lot of storage is also provided for his comic books and vinyl collection. His work desk also has a sliding lid, again to store food. For more introverted and lazy days, a hammock is installed under his bed where he can enjoy listening to music and reading history books.

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