And the Dirtiest Item in Your Kitchen is….

While you might have guessed that it’s your kitchen countertop, your kitchen garbage can, or your even maybe your fridge, the dirtiest kitchen item you have right now is (ironically) something you use to clean your dishes with. Yes, you guessed it right, your kitchen sponge is the dirtiest thing in your kitchen right now!

Microbiologists point out there there are millions of bacteria living on your kitchen sponge, and there’s almost 300+ species on there. Dr. Markus Egert shares to New York Times that the amount of bacteria in a cubic inch of your kitchen sponge is almost the same number found in human stool. And yes, it is true that your kitchen sponge is dirtier than your toilet. Eww. Gross. We know. But why, might you wonder? Your kitchen sponge is the right habitat for the bacteria: it’s moist, it’s warm, and it has a lot of nutrients for them to feed on, mostly the residue grease from your plates.

So how do you save your sponge? You don’t. Throw them away immediately. There is no way you can save your sponge from the germs. Some sources state that microwaving your sponge will clean it up from the bacteria but studies prove that it this process only kills the weak germs, not the tough ones. While the germs that inhabit your kitchen sponge are not strong enough to get you sick, it’s still better to be cautious about these things. Researchers recommend that we switch sponges on a weekly basis.