And the Lucky Colors for 2018 are…

2018 is the year of the Earth Dog. Based on the Chinese calendar, the official start of the Year of the Earth Dog is on February 16, 2018. In terms of the Chinese zodiac, the dog is a symbol of intelligence, protection, and loyalty. Dogs are not as aggressive as the other Zodiacs. They are friendly and peaceful, making 2018 a year of less conflict and more serenity. Meanwhile, the Earth element is one of the most stable elements in the chart as it houses and brings together all the other elements (Wood, Fire, Water, Metal). Because of this, 2018 will be a great year for new beginnings and spiritual growth.

lucky color 2018

Black is one of the lucky colors for 2018!

With the Earth element dominating this year, it is best to support the energy with wood and water elements which are all closely related to the 2018 element. Wood is knit to the color green and water is related to the color blue and black. These three colors will aid in making the Earth energy even more powerful, with wood nurturing the Earth and Water replenishes it. Again, blue, black, and green are three of the lucky colors for 2018.

lucky color 2018

While Greenery might have been Pantone’s color pick for 2017, Feng Shui experts cite it as a lucky color for 2018!

According to Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua, another lucky color for 2018 is anything metallic. We’re talking gold to silver, and white which is considered to be a metal color. Metal colors can stabilize the nourishing qualities of the Earth, Wood, and Water elements. Also, metal colors are said to help bring in wealth and fortune.
Luckily, all of these colors work so well together in an interior palette. With the rise of luxurious interiors, the three lucky colors can work well with metals as an accent. The combination of 2018’s lucky colors are a stylish mix. To reel in the year with the lucky colors of 2018, incorporate these in your home through home accessories. These can be through green velvet throw pillows, black plates, blue  and a new set of metallic matte cutlery. Should you have time to repaint your home or reupholster, the lucky colors of 2018 make for a great accent wall and will make amazing sofas and statement chairs.

While Greenery might have been Pantone's color pick for 2017, Feng Shui experts cite it as a lucky color for 2018!