How to Know if You Have a Lucky Home Address

Buying a new house, lot, or condo? While location, security, and price are the top three things to consider, there is one more tiny detail to think about: the home address number. A lucky home address can guide you in knowing the overall energy of a property, be it a condo or a house. We’re not saying that you should base your home purchase because some silly numbers say so but consider them as a guide, especially if you’re a fan of Feng Shui or Numerology. A lucky home address can also add value to your property, should you try to resell it later. Studies have shown that properties with the number 8 sell better and those with the number 4 or 13 sell less.

Here’s an easy guide to know if your home address is lucky!


How To Know your Home Address’ Number

Knowing your home’s address is easy. It’s a matter of adding the numbers together until you get a single digit. Let’s say your home address is #125, add them up and you get an 8 (1+2+5 = 8). For condo units that have letters on them (i.e. 15Q, 21B, etc.), count the alphabet around the numbers 1-9. For example, A=1. 2=B, 3=C… 9=1, go back to 1 for the letter J, and so on. If the address ranges from the numbers 1-9, no need to compute for it.


What Do The Numbers Mean?

After computing for your house’s number, you’ll get to know more about your house’s strengths. Here’s a quick rundown on what each number means.

1 –  Number one symbolizes fresh beginnings making it perfect for young families or Millennials starting on their own.


2 – A home full of collaboration and understanding. It is also believed to strengthen relationships and marriages.


3 – This address is full of positive and creative energy, it is perfect for avid party throwers and artists.


4 – Number four has a bad reputation for being an unlucky number that symbolizes death. On a lighter note, it also means stability and security.


5 – Thrillseeker or frequent flier? This number is all about adventure, change, and letting your hair down.


6 – This is the best place to nurture relationships. Harmony and patience are present in this address. This is one of the lucky numbers


7 – Introvert or single? This is perfect for you, seven is all about solitude and tranquility, it is the right space for self-development.


8 – This is the luckiest number out there. Getting this number is like hitting the lottery,  it can give you good health, an abundance in  wealth, and healthy relationships.


9 – Lucky for women, number nine promotes self-confidence, attainment of goals, and financial growth. It is better for singletons than for families.

What If You Got An Unlucky Number?

Traditionally, homes with the number 8 will always be lucky because it is believed in numerology that the number 8 symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and abundance. The same goes for the number nine. Meanwhile, house addresses with the number four should be extra cautious. It is known that the number 13 is unlucky, especially since if you compute it it results to the number 4 (1+3=4). The number four is believed to be unlucky because it sounds a lot like the word “death” in Chinese.

Assuming you got a an accessible property and a wonderful home on it. However, the address is equal to a four. All hope is not lost, all you have to do is draw a red circle around your home’s number to cancel out the bad luck. This “traps” the bad luck of the number. However, remember that these are just guides to help you make a decision to buy or keep a property. You home’s energy is completely up to you and your family.