How to Make Bed Like A Pro With Four Easy Steps

It’s where you start your day and where you end it, you bed should be the relaxing spot in your home. With a busy schedule, making your bed might seem like a weekly chore that you shouldn’t underestimate. Here are four steps to make bed like pro so you can get 5-star hotel quality zzzs.

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You’ll Need:

  • Mattress pad and pillow protectors
  • Sheet set (fitted and flat sheet)
  • Comforter, duvet, and/or blanket
  • Pillows and pillowcases
  • Shams and bolster pillows


How to:

1 Adding a base layer

Adding a mattress pad can give a bit of extra padding and protect your mattress from unwanted stains.

2  The bottom sheets

Put your fitted sheet on the mattress and make sure that it fits properly. Smoothen it over the bed. Next, place your flat sheet over your fitted sheet. Cover the whole bed and tuck the bottom part under the foot of the bed using hospital corners (fold the corner of the sheet, then tuck neatly under the mattress). You may choose to tuck the sides under the mattress or leave them as is to make it easier to get into bed.

3 Add a Layer of Warmth

Cover the bed with your comforter, duvet, or blanket. Lay it over the bed, fold back together with the exposed flat sheet about a third of the way, and tuck in the sides under the mattress.

4 The Final Touch

Position your bed pillows accordingly. You can opt for a single or double layer of pillows depending on your preference. Shams, throw pillows, and bolsters are great for adding an elegant decorative touch to make your bed look more inviting. You may store these elsewhere or move them behind your bed pillows when you sleep.


Written by Hazel Santos, edited by Patricia Herbolario.