This Type of Cutlery is What Your Dining Table Needs

Ever since one of the Kardashians launched their own lipstick collection, the world was rattled. No, not by the lipsticks and lip liners but rather by the concept of matte. Matte is defined as having a lusterless surface, and while it has made it big in fashion and beauty lines, this trend is moving to the kitchen. Thus, the rise of matte cutlery or matte flatware.


Adding matte cutlery is a great way to give your dinner set-up a hint of understated luxe. Many brands from West Elm to Crate & Barrel have them in different shades, from the usual silver to something more bold and daring like black and gold. If you’re lucky, you can score matte cutlery in the ever-so-trendy shade of Rose Gold.


Back in 2015, Oprah even announced in her annual Favorite Things List is a set of black matte flatware as part of the list. NYC-based designer Michelle Zacks shares that mattes are her favorite flatware because it “balances that fine line between casual and dressy”. She also shares with The Strategist that the matte cutlery can “look at ease for a lunch but will also do well in an elaborate dinner setting”. Of course, if you’re hosting a party in your home, matte cutlery will totally make your tablescape Instagram-ready. And who doesn’t want that?