Microwave Shopping? Here Are 4 Things to Consider!

Microwave ovens are so useful in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Microwaves can help you defrost meat, cook super simple meals, bake mug-cakes, and most importantly: make popcorn. A microwave is a great investment, especially for condo dwellers. If you’re going microwave shopping soon, here are things you need to consider so you can buy the right one for your home!


1 Size Matters

Of course, if you live in a small space, you have to check how much space your kitchen has. Measure the space on the countertop you want to place it on. If you’re planning to fit it in your kitchen overheads, this tip is all the more important.


2 Length Matters Too!

Check out how long the cable of the microwave is and if it could reach the sockets in your kitchen. If it doesn’t, you can always get an extension cord. However, do so with caution. Extension cords are not highly recommended in the kitchen where water use is rampant, something you don’t want near electricity.


3 Check the Icons

Some microwaves have drawings of food you want to cook and are automated with a preset heat and duration so you don’t have to in put it yourself. This is great for houses with kids who want to pop their own popcorn, all they have to do is press the popcorn icon and ta-dah! Popcorn! This will help you save up on saving up electricity and burnt popcorn!


4 Check Your Plates Too!

Make sure your plates and other bowls are microwave-safe. If not, get some microwavable containers and microwave-friendly, not just in terms of material but also through its size. Get plates and bowls that can actually fit the microwave you’re about to purchase. Or, since you’re already in the store anyway, test out plates you like and if the fit in the microwave and purchase them together upon check-out!