Miguel Guerrero designs with the fluidity and dynamism present in the organic forms of nature. His Casa Doña Emilia, a bed and breakfast facility located in Paoay, boasts of Hispanic features that render timelessness to the structure. “I am a fan of green architecture. Apart from making a conscious effort in making nature a part of the design, I always give regard to the process of building that involves minimum wastage”, he says.

Asian Modern Village, Miguel’s other project, utilized other passive strategies to create an economical yet energy efficient development. The general orientation of the development reduces heat gain on the west side. As modern Asian is his favorite design style, Miguel employed various architectural features that are attuned to contemporary Asian living. Miguel advises those who are looking to have their spaces designed to “build with energy efficiency in mind”.

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John David Oyek

John David O’yek

A holder of two college degrees and a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of the Philippines, John O’yek believes that perfection is…


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