A Millennial’s Guide To Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House

So you’ve made the decision to move out of your parents’ house, hooray! Whether you’re renting or you finally made that condo purchase, transferring homes is a task that will require to you be *super* organized. Here are nine tips for every Millennial moving out of their parents’ house.


1 Prep up

Packaging tape and balikbayan boxes are only a few things you will need. You might also need some bubble wrap for ceramics (blankets also work if you don’t want to spend) and scissors and a cutter for opening the boxes you’ll be transporting. Arrange for the car too, will you be making two trips? Or in real Millennial fashion, will you book an Uber? Will your parents drop you off?

2 Make An Inventory

Make a list of all the things you’ll be moving and in which boxes or bags they go to. This is make planning, packing, and unpacking easier. You can also track if you’ve left or lost something in the process of moving through this list.

3 Sort, Label, and Organize

Label boxes according to the areas of your new home: kitchen, living room, dining, bedroom, and bath.  Sort your stuff according to what area you’ll be placing items in. This makes unpacking much more organized.


4 Decide What To Keep

Moving out also means a chance to declutter. Decide on what items to keep, leave at your parents’ house, or donate.

5 Big Items?

Transporting an heirloom piece of furniture in your new home to remind you of your ancestral house? Check the size if it can fit in your new home, your new home’s door, and even your new home’s elevator (if you’re moving in a condo). If moving in a condo, check with the building admin what the rules are for moving big items.

6 Change Your Mailing Address

Let your bank, mobile service provider, and so on know that you made the big move. Change your mailing address so your parents don’t end up with your mail and online shopping purchases.


7 Keep Valuables Near

If you’re transporting jewellery, expensive gadgets, and so on, make sure that you have a bag solely for that. Don’t mix them up with the other boxes, so just in case there’s a mix up with the courier or you accidentally miss a box, your valuables are safe with you.

8 Use Your Travel Trolley

If you’re on a tight budget and have no money to get balikbayan boxes, pack your items in your travel luggage.  


9 Pack an Essentials Bag

After a day of moving items from your parents’ house to your new flat, you’ll probably be super tired to unpack what you’ve packed. Set aside an overnight bag with some PJs, a change of clothes for the next day, and some toiletries.


Written by Patricia Herbolario | Photos courtesy of interiordesigntrends.com, yousubj.com, blog.sofamatch.com