With her penchant for clean and sophisticated forms, Monica Sarmiento creates spaces that are airy, well-lit and chic. Graduated cum laude from the Assumption College, she believes that effective design is a balance of function and form. Her design philosophy is clearly seen in the lobby of Mezza and the model units of Sea Residences, both developments of SMDC. Monica draws inspiration from almost anything she experiences, and like other designers, she dreams of doing a project that will give her the freedom to express her ideas without any constraints.

With the challenges that came in 2009, Monica predicts that this year, more people will be open to designs that create a positive feeling. “The public will be more receptive to more colorful and vibrant designs”, she says. Monica believes that expensive things do not make a space beautiful, and that there is fun in finding great bargains. “Take your time in designing your own home and make every piece meaningful”, she shares.

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