Love Monochrome? This 3-Storey Townhouse Just Might Be Your Dream Home!

Alexis is a proud, first-time homeowner of a townhouse in Manila. Since it was his family’s first home, he wanted to give his family nothing but the best. He points out that he wanted a hotel-like feel in their home, something relaxing to come home to after a busy day. Now all he needed was an interior designer.

Getting an interior designer for my dream house is planned as I would like my inspirations become reality in my own house

Browsing online, he stumbled across interior designer Anla Li-Tan. At 24 square meters per floor, Anla had her work cut out for her. While she was given free-reign on the house’s design, maximizing the compact house was the biggest challenge.

First Floor: Living and Dining Room

Dressed in monochrome, the towhouse’s entertaining areas look very trendy.  

Monochrome Townhouse

Anla installed metal coves in the living room which hold the weight of the TV console.  The cove lines also add to the overall look of the monochrome townhouse.

Monochrome Townhouse

The designer mixed and matched the monochrome palette of black, white, and everything in between for the townhouse because those were the colors the owner requested.

Monochrome Townhouse

For the powder room, the designer installed a sliding barn door and two mirrors on the walls to make the space look larger. The other bathroom is done with monochrome machuca tiles.

Monochrome Townhouse

Second Floor: Master’s Bedroom

The wife of the owner wanted a four-poster bed frame which the designer squeezed in the pocket of the bedroom.

Monochrome Townhouse

Anla’s skills and creativity maximized the space of my house and designed it as simple and as classy as it could be


Third Floor: Children’s Floor

On the top floor of the townhouse, is the children’s rooms. The daughter’s bedroom is the smallest room in the townhouse. Also done in monochrome, the designer elevated the bed to make space for extra storage below it.

Monochrome Townhouse

The boy’s bedroom is a looker with its monochrome palette with contrasting textures.

Monochrome Townhouse

This story first appeared in MyHome August 2017, written by Patricia Herbolari and photographed by Greg Mayo. Edits have been made by  for