MUST-SEE: Palafox Designs A Condo Inspired by the Iconic El Hogar in Manila

The El Hogar Filipino Building is a century old building in the middle of Manila. Built in 1914 as a wedding present by a Spanish businessman to his wife, El Hogar has stood as a prime example of Philippine architectural design. Palafox, one of Manila’s largest architecture firms, draws inspiration from the Neoclassical building for a 30-something square meter condo.

Palafox El Hogar

While this unit is a digital perspective, Palafox made sure to jive the beauty of El Hogar in the small condo space. The unit is intended for a millennial who loves the old but beautiful structure. With the future of El Hogar still in the air, he wanted the condo to be inspired by El Hogar’s grand architecture.

Palafox El Hogar

A key feature in the unit is the door between the living area and the bedroom, it is  a direct mirror of El Hogar’s windows. Palafox played with a clean and neutral palette with hints of gold. To separate the living room from the kitchen, Palafox used different flooring finishes in the condo. In the kitchen, a mural of El Hogar.

Palafox El Hogar

The bedroom is made more elaborate with shapes from the beaux-art style. On the left is a closet and across it is a mini work station.


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