In designing spaces, architect and Bluprint editor in chief Paulo Alcazaren strongly believes that less is more, although it is easier said than done. “Going less in a space and still managing to make it appear complete is very difficult to achieve!” he says. Inspired by the works of P.L. Nervi, Bucky Fuller, F.L. Wright and Pierre Charles L’Enfant, Paulo’s favorite design style is Tropical Pragmatism. With his extensive training at the National University of Singapore where he took up his Masters degree in Urban Design, Paulo likes to create sensible open public spaces.

With numerous successful projects under his belt, he says owning your dream house is simple. “There are only two ways to own your dream home. First, save up lots of money, and second, trust your designer!” Apart from doing private homes and corporate structures, he also dreams of giving Metro Manila a mega makeover.

Paulo is the design principal of PGAA International.

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